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French faienced asparagus plate  

Hand painted by Faience D'art

Handpainted apsaragus plate with faienced asparagus.

One of a set of six.  Made in Fance.

'The Officer'

By Joanna Lawton


Exquisite handmade and hand painted silk figurine from Tasmania.   This is another one off piece by a talented artisan.

Coffee Cups

By Roger Webb

$200 set of four

Hand made china coffee cups so fine you can see through them.  Unique glaze and style crafted by Roger Webb in Tasmania .

Handcrafted blackwood box

By George Harris


Extraordinary workmanship in this blackwood and huon pine box.  A true master of his craft George Haris is an established Tasmanian artisan who works wonders with Tasmanian timbers.  The inside is amazing.

'Fondua'  Dinner Plate

By Piero Fornasetti

$125 ea.

Made for the Fiat Company this is one of a set of six plates individually decorated by the master of dreams Italian designer Piero Fornasetti.

$75 ea.

French faienced asparagus serving plate 

Hand painted by Faience D'art


Handpainted apsaragus serving plate with faienced asparagus.   Made in Fance.

The 'Red and Black' Cushion

By Cynthia Spencer


Luxurious embroidered French silk and cotton this cushion cover has a feather insert. This fabric has to be seen to be believed.  To run your fingers over the heavy embroidery is a deliciously sensuous experience.

'Toned Heliconia' 

Oil on canvas

By Michael Edwards

Brass and Glass 1920's inkwell


The pen is mightier than the sword and this beautiful inkwell held the ammunition that fired off a thousand missives in copperplate handwriting.  From love letters to Royal dispatches great deeds were wrought in ink.




By Moorcroft Pottery


When less is more this little Moorcroft vase in the famous Pomegranite pattern is the perfect accent that sets off the scene.


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