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Ray hand made sterling silver necklace

'Ray' necklace




The 'Ray' necklace is inspired by the stingray.  100% sterling silver, the double pendant is suspended from a handmade silver chain that rises like the bubbles from the ocean floor.

Catwalk hand made sterling silver neck piece

'Catwalk' neckpiece




The 'Catwalk' neckpiece is a piece for all ages.  Inspired by the Elizabethan ruff this sterling silver coil fits high on the neck forming a wonderful sparkling collar that says 'party all night'.

Jaunty Heart hand made sterling silver  necklace

'Jaunty Heart' necklace




The 'Jaunty Heart' says it all - happy, go anywhere, do anything.  Solid sterling silver on a fine 43cm sterling silver belcher chain this necklace won't go unnoticed.


The Necklace Collection

Jaunty Heart handmade sterling silver necklace
Ray hand made sterling silver necklace
Catwalk hand made sterling slver neck piece
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'O' necklace




The 'O' necklace is 100% sterling silver. A mid length heavy chain that suits every occasion from the Opera to the beach. Once you put it on you'll never take it off.

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