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"My work has many influences from Surrealism to Art Deco from nature to medieval armour. My designs aim to make a statement of beauty, strength and "look at me".  Each piece is an individual work of art made by hand from either solid sterling silver or 9 ct and 18 ct gold or a combination of these precious metals.

I work from my two studios, one in tropical Port Douglas and one in a miner's cottage in the gemfields of Central Queensland.

The sapphires I set into my pieces I either mine myself from our sapphire claim or I source from  other miners on the gemfields.  Queensland sapphires are quite distinctly different from those from overseas sources, they are found in a variety of colours from brilliant blue sapphires through parti coloured blue and green, to pure green and the now highly prized yellow sapphires.

These stones are cut in Queensland by master gem faceters and the resulting sparkle and "fire" from these immaculately cut gems is extraordinary.
With a design philosophy of clean,  clear modern lines the influence of the Art Deco movement can be found in the "Andromeda" ring.  I love the decadence of the twenties and the glamour of the thirties.  The "Andromeda" ring was born not only from the ancient Greek myth of Andromeda's rescue by Persues but the sensuality of Tamara de Lempicka's 1929 painting "Andromeda".
I love to make jewellery from solid heavy silver and gold that embodies the true luxurious nature of these metals.  The "Revelry" collection is in a way reminiscent of medieval armour - in particular the heavy "Revelry" bangle set with an emerald cut Garnet.

I like to make unique silver chains incorporating links of varying shape, size and thickness designed specifically to compliment each pendant.
With a love of the dangerous beauty of the crocodiles and stingrays found in tropical waters I have incorporated aspects of these spectacular creatures  into the designs.

The "Ray" collection was inspired by the fluid motion of the stingray, at once beautiful and powerful as it glides effortlessly amongst the coral reefs of Far North Queensland.  The necklace features a unique sterling silver chain which was made to emulate bubbles swelling as they rise to the surface.  The earrings display an unusual sparkle as the light bounces off the double curve shape of the polished silver while the ring, set with a spectacular 1.1 ct oval cut Queensland blue/green sapphire makes a statement of its own.
Each piece is finished to the highest standard offering timeless design combined with with high quality workmanship.


Michael Edwards      

Michael Edwards - Jewellery Artist



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